Week Two Poems

Poems as Image Machines

Not Swans by Susan Ludvigson

Nest by Marianne Boruch

Between the Wars by Robert Haas

Cloudy Day by Jimmy Santiago Baca

Tent Caterpillars by Susan Mitchell

Valentine by Lorna Dee Cervantes

Valentine's Afternoon by Michael McFee

the trash men by Charles Bukowski

What Do Women Want? by Kim Addonizio

Black Valentine by Tess Gallagher

White-Eyes by Mary Oliver

Night Dive by Sam Green

What the Frost Casts Up by Ed Ochester

Supple Cord by Naomi Shihab Nye

Road Report by Kurt Brown

More Than Enough by Marge Piercy

Love Like Salt by Lisel Mueller

Star Quilt by Roberta Hill

Let Evening Come by Jane Kenyon

Moon Gathering by Eleanor Wilner

Daughter-Mother-Maya-Seeta by Reetika Vazirani

You Begin by Margaret Atwood (in audio too)

Genesis: Primeval Rivers and Streams by Pattiann Rogers

Take the I Out by Sharon Olds