Week Four Poems

Poems as Sound Systems

Poems Focused on Sound

Wheels by Jim Daniels

Radio by Laurel Blossom

Dorie Off to Atlanta by Mark Halliday

Not that Great of an Evening by Mark Halliday

Flying by Sarah Arvio

Question About an Old Question by John Hollander

Pyramid of the Sun by Jay Rogoff

Treason by James Tate

Mediation on the Limitation of Desire by Rick Campbell

Anything Warm by Wendy Mnookin

Fire Should be Measured by What Didn't Burn by Hilda Raz



February by Bill Christophersen

Golden Retrievals by Mark Doty

My Raptor by Annie Finch

Runaways Cafe II by Marilyn Hacker



One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

Subject to Change by Marilyn Taylor

Ghost Villanelle by Dan Lechay