Playing the Fool

One of the ways we limit ourselves and resist gifts from the universe is by resisting those chances we have to play the fool, to be romantic or silly or abundantly kind. We often value dignity, decorum, and stasis over possible humiliation, no matter what the possible gains.

As with indirections, our efforts may not always result in the desired goals, but we may learn something about ourselves along the way, have fun, or even gain something we hadn't previously expected or imagined.

Recent examples? At both the Fancy Nancy party and the Chocolate Cotillion (big-time little-girl tea parties), I was the one of few Moms who dressed up for either occasion (and I mean tiara, paste jewels and all). While those of us in drag garnered some eye-rolling from the more dignified Mommies, I have no doubt whatsoever that we had much more fun.

Write or draw an incident where you had the chance to play the fool. Regardless of what you actually chose to do, depict yourself as having taken the leap.