Our Blocks

Okay, group. We're in this together. Rather than individual worksheets, this is a group-process document. What follows is a list of blocks. Put either a check mark (if you wish to be relatively anonymous) or sign your name under one or more of the blocks below to acknowledge that you use what otherwise can be normal healthy stuff specifically to keep yourself to "kill time" and keep yourself from being creative. The next sheets will address what we do about this.


State-altering Substances (alcohol, drugs, comfort food, etc.)

Relationships (family and friends, FACEBOOK drama)

The Internet (FACEBOOK games, other online whatever)

Compulsive Reading

Television, Video, or Video Games

Domestic Chores or Home Repairs/Improvements

Retail Therapy or Aimless Wandering in Stores

*Extra* Sleep

Other blocks? Please list them and sign or check yourself in!