General Information: Poetry Workshop

Course Number: 09WG093

Course Title: Poetry Workshop

Instructor: Dr. Marta Ferguson

Schedule: W 6-8pm, 4/1-4/22

Number of sessions: 4

Textbook/ISBN: The Practice of Poetry: Writing Exercises from Poets Who Teach by Chase Twitchell and Robin Behn/ISBN #978-0062730244

Prerequisites: Reading Contemporary Poetry: Tips, Tricks, and Tools or Instructor Permission

Course Description

  • After completing the Reading Contemporary Poetry class, you might feel inspired to do some work of your own. We’ll spend this session respectfully workshopping each others’ poems, doing some writing exercises, talking about writing process issues and generally playing around with words. Come join us!

Learning Outcome

  • By the end of this class, you'll have a better understanding of poetry from the writer's perspective. You'll have gained some expressive skills and some practice giving constructive feedback in a group setting. You'll be a more fluent writer for any project you chose to take up. You may even find yourself a sharper observer, as good writers are often folks who take careful notice of the world around them.

Course Outline

  1. April 1: Playing with Stories
  2. April 8: Playing with Images and Metaphors
  3. April 15: Playing with Literary Devices
  4. April 22: Playing with Poetic Forms

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