Mythologizing Our Monsters

Mythologizing Our Monsters

Step One

As a group, brainstorm some myths, legends, stories, folktales, soap-opera or comic-book narratives that might help us think about our creative monsters in archetypal terms.

Step Two

Choose one of the above stories to frame your relationship with your monster. Design a suitable fate for him or her. Illustrate this fate in words or pictures in the space below.


I'm a big comic-book fan, so I've imprisoned the worst of my creative monsters in Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. He's called The Flatterer and his punishment, for using praise as a manipulative tactic (Note that The Flatterer is also subject to believing all praise directed at him, however falsely it's given), is that every day one former student, someone he believed had adored him, visits him to tell him what he or she REALLY thought of him.