Week One: The Basic Tools

If you've missed Week One or you'd like to try more of these in-class exercises at home, here are the files. On the Norms page, please note anything you'd like to see us establish as good practice in class (i.e. your preference for cell phone policy, your sense of what you'd like from the other members of class, etc.). For the worksheets, complete two of the three from this week and bring them next time. Please sign and date the Creativity Contract, though that's yours to keep. The Basic Principles sheet is a prettier copy of what's in the book--I suggest posting it by your desk or in your studio. Everything else is reading homework. Please read the Intro and Chapter One of the Artist's Way and do the exercises as Julia suggests. See you next week!

Class Norms

Wordhound Contact Info

Advice on Morning Pages

Artist Date Ideas

Worksheet 1: Identifying Your Censor

Worksheet 2: Naming Your Higher Power

Worksheet 3: Brainstorming Artist Dates

Basic Principles of the Artist's Way

Creativity Contract